Plans for 2014


Well for the year of 2014, I have a number of things in the works, some I can speak about and others I cannot at this time. The thing that I can address are my announcement that I have started to write a book. I officially started today so in light of this the nature of my blog posts will be considerably lighter because I am pouring much of my time into the book. I will figure out the nature of the content my blog posts will take during this time very soon. Perhaps excerpts from the book as I write it or wrestling with certain passages of scripture from an Anabaptist perspective (most likely this one).

Regarding my writing project, I can say that it will detail what the 16th century Swiss Brethren and Hutterrites or Hutterian Brethren taught and practiced with contemporary scholarly nuances. I think my approach (recommended by a good friend) will be unique in some fashion. My goal is to produce something that honors the spirit, beliefs and practices of the prototypical Anabaptists within the context of the above-mentioned groups.

Moreover, I hope the slight adjustments I will implement will be something that everyone would consider that these groups would in fact have implemented if they had access to contemporary textual criticism studies and scholarship, not to mention the fact that the era of orthodoxy or confession never occurred (well at least most aspects of it). In addition, many of their leading lights had survived the persecution by Roman Catholics and Protestants.

To be honest I find this project intimidating but it is birthed from this very blog. Much of the insights you see here will be present (in a different format or package) plus much more. Now the only obstacle is writing the book, which I hope, will be the case. I would appreciate any prayers that could be said to carry me through my task.


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