Some Ideas for 2014

As I said before I was going to think about the nature of future blog posts in light of the fact that I am attempting to write a book (which is coming along nicely surprisingly). Well I think I narrowed some things down. The following is what I will try to present/post for the year 2014.

  1. Find interesting quotes while I am doing my research for my book and present them along with brief commentary.
  2. Have some guest contributors to address issues that is related to Anabaptism and that does not stray too far from the theme of the blog.
  3.  I would like to interview a person or two so if I can accomplish this look forward to it.
  4.  I also been desiring to engage the 16-17th century Anabaptist interpretation of various passages of scripture from all branches if time allows.

I think the above should give me enough material to cover while I focus the lion’s share of my writing on the book (in addition to other things that must be done in 2014).


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